Get away to a simple way of life. 

Tiny Town offers a relaxing getaway from the chaos of the modern world. We promote sustainable practices and using the land to live a simple lifestyle. We want to offer a spiritual escape to leave all distractions behind and live in the moment. 

Tiny Town Arizona is dedicated to providing the ideal setting for personal and communal transformation, leading to optimal health and wellbeing and demonstrates how to live off-grid and self sufficiently.

We are committed to wellness and sustainability with a focus on demonstrating and teaching how to comfortably secure food, water and shelter in an off grid environment as well as supporting transformation toward optimal health and wellness.. Tiny Town Arizona is both a demonstration and experiential site for off-grid living.

Our Mission

Tiny Town Arizona is dedicated to providing the ideal setting for personal and communal transformation leading to optimal health and wellbeing. Tiny Town is a demonstration site for sustainable off-grid living, committed to teaching people how to secure food, water and shelter and also supporting personal transformation toward optimal health and wellness.

Our Vision

We aim to provide back to nature experiences that facilitate healing, expand consciousness and foster deep appreciation for the peace of the natural world.

Our vision includes supporting people on their journeys to holistic health. Through our infrastructure, activities, tools and way of life, we demonstrate learning about nature, and ways to regenerate and harmonize with the natural world, through permaculture, sustainable building and farming techniques.. independent off grid living and natural power sourcing with renewable energy technologies.

Our commitment to honoring the delicate balance and harmony between all living things includes the creation of an animal sanctuary to take care of once wild animals that need a home. We are here to support the betterment of humanity and the beautiful planet on which we live.

We envision further hosting and providing learning spaces for organic gardening, sustainable building, permaculture, off-grid ranch life, healthy eating, astronomy, healthy relationships, emotional wellness, spiritual sciences and many more topics on the frontier of the evolution of consciousness. Our vision is constantly expanding as the universe sheds more and more light on how to thrive in this beautiful world. We offer a sanctuary for people to experience and renew their connection with nature and unplug from hectic daily lives, The property is available for peoples’ unique events,;be it a themed retreat, festival team building, wedding or reunion

Our Values

  • Off Grid Living - We created Tiny Town to demonstrate sustainable building, permaculture , renewable energy and food/water/shelter independence

  • Safe Space - We provide a safe space for personal and interpersonal growth and development

  • Health & Wellness - We are committed to positive transformation, including physical mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing

  • Education - We value the power of education to enable people to learn how to live optimally and share their discoveries with others

  • Building Friendships - we believe that community friendship is the foundation for supporting long lasting transformation and we are committed to fostering interconnection of all people

  • Family - We value bringing families together to bond and enjoy each others company in our nature sanctuary

  • Conscious Capitalism - We know that business is an inherent necessity in our current culture and we strive to support individuals and companies to introduce their personal values into their workplace

  • Harmony with Nature - Through personal experience in our natural environment , we know how to live and thrive amongst the wild elements, animals and plants while simultaneously supporting lifecycle and rhythms.

Food and Water

Our water supply comes from our well to the Coconino aquifer at a depth of 700 ft and is accessed via our 2 solar pumps. This beautiful water has a natural alkalinity of 7.8 and supplies the property, our 28 x 49 foot greenhouse and outdoor organic food gardens as well as the lavender that forms our mandala.