A place to unwind.

Tiny Town Arizona is a 100-acre sustainable glamping resort overlooking the White Mountains located 20 miles outside of Show Low, AZ.  Campsites are nestled among abundant Junipers and rolling grassy hills.  In the summer of 2017 we planted Lavender in two 144-foot Mandalas.  There are an abundance of places on the property to hike and Mountain bike.  We have private and group campsites available for your seclusion or to share your camping experience with family and friends.  We are bordering state lands and only five miles from the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. The four million acre White Mountains Recreational area is truly a vacation land for everyone to explore.  A little under an hour away by car, the area is home to 400 miles of prime trout streams and 36 fishing lakes. There are well marked trails running all directions for hiking, biking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing. Nearby must see destinations include Sunrise downhill ski resort, which has a 6 zip line course in the summer months, and the Petrified Forest National Park.

The Milky way skies and stunning sunsets are a sight to behold through a telescope, camera lens or the naked eye.

Tiny Town Arizona is a fully functioning ranch facility and off-grid retreat center.Located on revered Apache Land and offers space to explore, relax , unwind and tune into nature’s rhythms. Throw out your cell phone, grab your hiking boots, mountain bike and bouldering equipment and also explore the bordering Sitgreaves National Forest region.


Tiny Town is located 30 minutes outside of Show Low Arizona along the Mongollon Rim with stunning views of the whit Mountains. At 6450 feet, our unique microclimate is a cool and breezy escape from the summer heat. The airport is s short 15 minute drive and we can arrange for your easy transport.

The Land

Beautiful Pinon and Junipers stud the land, offering ample shaded and sunny areas, The land is gridded with over 270 crystals placed around the property to create a positive energy vortex. This sacred land was also doused and cleansed by a Hopi trained healer to improve the flow of positive energy. Enjoying a leisurely walk around the property you will find a 7 chakra Lavender mandala. The mandala is planted with 6 rings of Grosso lavender around a center point to invoke balancing of the body’s chakras. Spend time exploring our permaculture farm, enjoy massage, yoga and meditation in the healing sanctuary and discover hidden treasures like an outdoor clawfoot tub, a community fire-pit and family oriented games. rt easy at Tiny Town Arizona , enjoying the wild wonder of the White Mountains, nestled in the safety of your luxurious glamping sanctuary.

Our Ethos

Our ethos revolves around off-grid sustainable living. All our power is drawn from our on-site solar grid with no power lines to obscure your views. Our footprint on the land is light and we invite you to practice touching the Earth more gently and intentionally while visiting Tiny Town Arizona. We love to share the ways we we have figured out to best live off-grid in comfort and style. The land and site dream is in constant evolution as we continue to expand our offerings and build more infrastructure to support our visionary plans. We encourage comments and ideas and we hope you come to experience the magic of Tiny Town Arizona and unwind from the stressors of day to day life and melt into the harmony of natures rhythms.


At night, cuddle up snuggly in one of our 10 sixteen foot bell tents. They are comfortably furnished with quality fresh linens, down pillows, comforters, tables, chairs or meditation cushions, rugs and lighting; with queen beds or cots. Enjoy flushing toilets and hot showers in our craftsman bathhouse. The multifunction outdoor teaching and demonstration kitchen is available for all of your cooking needs, complete with gas burners, a small oven, a gas grill, bar and prep area and sink.

Each glamp site comes with two outdoor folding chairs and picnic table. We can provide add ons such as extra coolers, firewood, towels and a dedicated solar panel for your tent upon request. We have worked hard to create this sacred space intentionally placing every rock, tent, building and campfire site.


Tiny Town Arizona sits on sacred land of the Apache people.It has been revered for centuries for its white peaks, gentle climate, abundant wildlife and vegetation.

Steve bought the land in 2o16 and since then he and co-founder Dave have been dedicated to transforming the site into an off grid glamping sanctuary for healing and growth. Their combined vision efforts and skills have brought the dream into reality. Through their combined experience and years of trial and error they have honored the unique environment, the elements of wind , sun, rain and critters to reach new frontiers in sustainable living and are happy to share what they have learned with all who visit. Tiny Town is a continual work in progress with plans to expand the infrastructure to include a lake for swimming, boating and fishing , more food gardens and other attractions.

The Co-founders

Steve Romania relocated from Sedona Arizona to pursue his dream to live off-grid amongst nature. He is passionate about sustainability and providing the knowledge, tools and technology for food , water and shelter independence. Initially he intended the property to be designed to be a safe for friends and family to relax. After connecting with Dave , Steve decided to open the space to be a healing sanctuary and a demonstration space for off grid living. Steve is a strong willed make it happen pioneer, whose tenacity and belief in his dreams has manifested amazing results, including Tin y Town. Through his extensive travels he has developed faith in humanity and is dedicated to helping people lead ideal lives, in harmony with themselves, their communities and the natural environment. He lives a healthy life and is committed to optimal eating habits and mental emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Dave Segenreich isa specialist in off-grid building, reclaim and natural ancient building techniques. He has built retreat centers all over California, Central and South America, festival grounds for the DoLab and permaculture parks. He is claimed to be a reincarnated builder of the ancient pyramids and is committed to providing safe space for events and personal development. Dave has a degree in landscape architecture and design.and is passionate about health ,wellness, spirituality and spiritual sciences.